Generally speaking, women's hands are more delicate than men's.  Men's hands are bigger in size, stronger, and can take a lot of punishment.  Women's hands are more delicate, easier to damage, and smaller than a man's.  So when you're choosing the gun to Open Carry, chose wisely.  It doesn't matter if you scare off most of the bad guys by showing you're not going to be their victim, there's the potential "that," person may be too angry, too drugged up, too desperate to care.  He may decide you don't look like you can shoot, don't look dangerous.  So not only do you have to mentally prepare yourself to defend yourself at any time, you also have to make sure the tools you choose are not only fashionable, but a good fit for your hand strength and size.  This is why I would never suggest a Hi-Point 40 cal for a lady.  The smaller calibers are more suitable as they have less kick and some calibers have nearly no kick at all.

There are a number of great guns out there, and they are made for women.  You can often find them in colors to match your accessories, and many have holsters that will match a purse or that favorite set of shoes.  Here is my list of the best "Girl Guns."

Girl Guns

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